GTG’s Will Harper designed and directed Uniworld’s 2016 ad campaign that included short films, Virtual Reality Video and commercials, Uniworld a boutique river cruise line, is owned by The Travel Corporation- the largest privately-owned travel group.¬†Will Harper was brought in to give the cruise line a “facelift” by upgrading their visual and content. Harper selected an acclaimed international crew for the production of the campaign. The filming took place in various locations in Europe along breathtaking Rhine, Main and Danube rivers in May 2015 on Uniworld’s newest and most luxurious Super Ship, S.S. Maria Theresa.

The campaign included a series of short films along with all immersive 360 degree virtual reality experience. The entire Uniworld project was also filmed with 6K Red Dragon, 4K Black Magic and HD drones- all creating a spectacular outcome.


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