The documentary features bestselling author-psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron (The Highly Sensitive Person) and the eminent scientist of love and relationships, Dr. Arthur Aron (36 Questions). Based on their life long research of close relationships and the trait of high sensitivity,  they explain how negative childhood experiences and buried traumas affect our adult relationships, break down science behind most critical scenes of Sensitive and in Love and provide suggestions for highly sensitive people and those close to them for a wiser, more skillful and fulfilling relationships.

GTG’s Will Harper directed Lenny Kravitz’s original documentary for VH-1’s Behind The Music (BTM). It was one of BTM’s longest running shows and increased Lenny Kravitz’s market share by an impressive 20%.

Proof is in the numbers, but also in the rave reviews. 

Brilliant”, “life-changing” , “a must-watch” and  “a major contribution to the world

GTG designed and produced this successful campaign for Sensitive-The Untold Story for the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons to educate the global audience about scientific research relevant to over 1 billion people.  During its initial social media campaign Alanis Morissette contacted GTG unsolicited to participate in bringing this important topic to public consciousness. She was featured in the film. Sensitive-The Untold Story was first released at a sold out premiere that livestreamed in 64 countries and is now available worldwide from broadcast networks to 4000 universities and public libraries. As a result of the documentary release Dr. Elaine Aron’s 1996 bestseller The Highly Sensitive Person once again hit the bestseller list.

Client: Clouds Rest Vineyards

GTG successfully shaped this branding and marketing campaign into an evergreen human interest story for a multi-year international broadcast run and a showcase at the largest international wine film festival in France.  The documentary catapulted Clouds Rest into the ranks of widely recognizable and highly regarded brands  and is still continuing to attract unparalleled numbers of loyal followers years later.

Filmed and produced in Ukraine, in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages

With its international presence, GTG ‘s vision and direction  is not only behind the world renowned classics like R.C. Gorman and Ansel Adams , but also some of the biggest names in contemporary  art: Christian Riese Lassen, Michael Godard, Chris DeRubeis, Patrick Guyton, Tovkailo,  and many more  Film campaigns GTG produced are responsible for exponential market share increase for many, some becoming #1 selling artists in America and internationally. GTG conceptualized, designed and produced Behind The Artist television specials on contemporary artists for Park West Galleries and closed circuit programming on Princess cruise lines.

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