Sensitive-The Untold Story

7-time Grammy award-winning recording artist Alanis Morissette is featured in Sensitive-The Untold Story. This groundbreaking documentary, funded via Kickstarter, is based on Dr. Elaine Aron’s findings. In 1991 she made a breakthrough discovery: an innate trait of high sensitivity. Since then, her international bestseller “The Highly Sensitive Person” has been translated into 17 languages and her research is published in top-tier peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Brain and Behavior, as well as replicated and extended by other scientists. Dr. Aron found that not only 1 in 5 people are highly sensitive, but the trait occurs in the same percentage in over 100 other species. The film features interviews with scientists and stories of real people.

Producer & Host: Diana Sinelnikova Harper

Director: Will Harper

Production Company: GTG