Uniworld 2016 film campaign

Film campaign directed by GTG’s Will Harper for Uniworld Boutique River Cruises. The campaign included a series of short films along with all immersive 360 degree virtual reality experience. The entire Uniworld project was also filmed with 6K Red Dragon, 4K Black Magic and HD drones- all creating a spectacular outcome.

Lucky 13

Commercial conceptualized, directed and DP’d by GTG’s Will Harper for Lucky 13 vintage American apparel company.

H2O Overdrive Hockey

H2O Overdrive commercial featuring hockey stars Pavel Datsyuk and Kris Draper.

One of GTG’s branding projects is a launch campaign for H2O Overdrive- a hydration beverage for the world’s top professional and amateur athletes. GTG designed and produced the campaign that includes corporate video presentations, commercials and a feature length lifestyle documentary featuring H2O Overdrive’s ambassador athletes. The short-term run of this campaign  increased public awareness and was a major support element in procuring investment funding for the company.


Music video directed by GTG’s Will Harper.
Production Company: Marked Media B.V.
Producer: Mark Sedney
Director of Photography: Stephan Schmidt
Post Production: BonHanssa
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009

Vegas Elvis

Commercial for the official Vegas Elvis. Concept, direction and production by GTG’s Will Harper