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Sensitive-The Untold Story continues to impact lives

When Sensitive-The Untold Story premiered, Alanis Morissette wrote: “[Sensitive-The Untold Story] covers such a dense amount of information, and such a wide range of how and where this trait shows up…all done in a way that is very clear, and intelligent and touching. Bless you for making this film. It is an honor to have been a part of it, and to be part of this generous outreach to so many HSP’s and their loved ones. Such a major contribution to the world. Congratulations on a truly stunning documentary…. to you and your whole team. Alanis”

Today this film is one of the highest rated films on imdb and we recently made it available to 4,000 universities worldwide where students and professors can watch it for free. Thousands of emails and comments we have received show that the film continues to positively impact lives. It is now a movement.

Sensitive And In Love (Drama) is currently in production. Inspired by the international bestseller The Highly Sensitive Person and global media sensation 36 Questions that lead to Love.


World’s leading love and relationship research scientists announce groundbreaking Sensitive movie sequel

Dr. Elaine Aron, psychologist and author of the international bestsellers The Highly Sensitive Person and The Highly Sensitive Person in Love and her husband, Dr. Art Aron, one of the world’s leading relationship researchers, known for his pioneering brain imaging studies of love and his famous 36 Questions for building intimacy, have partnered with the award-winning production team, The GlobalTouch Group, Inc.  from the critically acclaimed documentary Sensitive – The Untold Story to produce a sequel Sensitive and in Love.

Sensitive and in Love is the long-awaited groundbreaking documentary based on the research of Elaine and Art Aron, who have been researching love and how to make close relationships last since they met decades ago.

This is Elaine Aron’s second documentary. Her inaugural documentary- Sensitive-The Untold Story– was released in 2015 and live streamed in 64 countries at its premiere at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA. It was funded through a Kickstarter campaign, supported by Elaine Aron’s fans from around the world, produced and hosted by Diana Sinelnikova Harper and directed by Will Harper of The GlobalTouch Group, Inc (GTG). Singer-songwriter-activist and 7-time Grammy winner Alanis Morissette, a self declared HSP, was featured in the film along with her music.

In 1991 Dr. Aron made a breakthrough discovery: the innate temperament trait of high sensitivity. Since then, her international bestseller The Highly Sensitive Person has been translated into 18 languages and her research is published in top-tier peer reviewed journals such as The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and Brain and Behavior, as well as replicated and extended by other scientists, who are interviewed in the film. There is now solid research, including fMRI and genetic studies on the subject, validating the trait. Her research found that 20% of human beings and over 100 other species have the trait. This trait reflects a certain type of survival strategy: being observant before acting. The brains of highly sensitive persons (HSPs) actually work differently than others’. HSPs think deeply, get easily overwhelmed by intense, complex or novel things, are more attentive to subtleties and have more empathy, so they cry easily.

Dr. Elaine Aron conducts her research on high sensitivity and also love together with her husband, Dr. Art Aron- the world renowned relationship researcher who gave the world 36 Questions for building intimacy.

Dr. Elaine Aron noted that “The Sensitive and in Love documentary is necessary for everyone in any kind of close relationship, or wanting to be, whether you are highly sensitive or not. So many of us are in a close relationship with an HSP, whose finely tuned nervous system, which picks up on subtleties and reflects deeply, can be a tremendous romantic asset if both partners understand it. But without that understanding, high sensitivity can make close relationships – partners and also friends and family- painful and complicated.”

Research finds that 42% of what determines a break up is partners’ genetic temperament. But there’s no “divorce” gene! It’s simply that people are so unaware of the role of innate temperament in relationships. Dr. Aron continued, “We may want our partner to change, but temperament is a factor that cannot be changed. There is so much to learn, especially but not only for the 20% of the population who were born highly sensitive, because so much is known about the trait.”

This film is based on solid research on love and specifically on highly sensitive persons (HSPs) in love. It will also capture the experiences of HSPs themselves and with their partners, and reveal the advantages to be appreciated plus the problems, and the solutions.

Elaine and Art have experienced the messages of this film: She is highly sensitive and he is not, so they have researched and lived this film every day, in the office but also at home. In 2015 they started a non-profit foundation for the study of highly sensitive persons. 100% of donations go towards further research on sensory processing sensitivity (high sensitivity) and education, including producing future films.

Dr. Aron concluded, “the intention behind Sensitive and in Love is to help with any relationship an HSP has with someone without the trait. When parents are unhappy with each other, this greatly affects their children, whether these are sensitive children or not. Hence by making the parents’ partnership better we have an opportunity to help their children, to help all children in families in which there is either one or two highly sensitive parents. Because distressed children grow up to be distressed and possibly distressing to others, helping these families gives us another vital way to serve the world through a better understanding of sensitivity.”

Per Art Aron’s research on relationships, relevant to all not just HSPs, a satisfying relationship with any other human being, predicts longevity more than not being a smoker or not being obese. In addition to this huge effect on physical health, relationship quality is the single biggest predictor of overall life happiness.

Elaine and Art Aron’s combined experience and research provide the foundation for substantial practical advice that they can offer to HSPs and their partners through the movie Sensitive and in Love.

Click to view the campaign launched by the Foundation to finance Sensitive and in Love and learn how you can be a part of this important project!

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